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Multi Language Quran (Holy Quran in Your Language) is here to serve those willing to read, listen, study, research, and get to know the message of Quran. We are committed to bringing the Quran to you in your language, with unique design inherited from your culture. We strive to providing the Quran in clear, accurate, and contemporary translations through various formats so that more people around the world will have the opportunity to understand the Quran. We do this through (i) translation, (ii) designing print version, (iii) developing iOS and Android apps, (iv) providing Database of translations of the holy Quran for developers, and making the outcomes free of charge, to make the Quran accessible to everyone everywhere.

iOS and Android Apps

Multi-lingual Free & ads-free App



    User Friendly

    Full-feachered yet simple UI.


    Instant Search

    Search in Quran, surahs, chapters and the translations.


    Reading Quran

    Read through High quality and authentic copy of the Quran.


    Translations of Meanings of Quran

    Understand the Quran through its meanings in your own language.


    Multi-Lingual Interface

    Browse the app in your language.


    Listen to Recitations

    Choose from a selection of beautiful recitations of holy Quran.



    Mini player and full player with useful features such as repeat and timer.



    Add bookmarks and manage them to start from where you left.


    Add to Favourite

    Add any number of verses to favourites, and return to them easily.


    Add Notes

    Add notes while reading the Quran or its translation.



    Share the verses of the Quran or its meanings through various means.


    Elegant Design

    Designed using eye-catching colors and decorations inspired by different cultures around the world.

App Updates

  • First Release (1.0):

    10 Translations of meanings of Quran, App interface translated into 11 languages, 6 reciters are available

Download Translations of meanings of Quran

Welcome to the ever-expanding selection of Quran translations. A collection of Quran translations in many world languages, specially designed to be relevant to their culture.

  • Spanish Translation

    Lic. M. Isa. Garcia, Qatar Guest Center, 2013
  • Chinese Translation

    Muhammad Makin, Madinah: King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex, 1987
  • Indonesian Translation

    King Fahd Complex's translation of the meanings of the noble Qur'an into Indonesian, Madinah: King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex, 1435 A.H.
  • French Translation

    Nebil Radhouane, et publiée par le forum islamique (Al Muntada Al Islami), Qatar Guest Center, 2012
  • Turkish Translation

    Group of ulama, Madinah: King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex, 1422 A.H.
  • Urdu Translation

    Muhammad Ibrahim Junakri, Madinah: King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex, 1417 A.H.
  • Flipino Translation

  • Italian Translation

    Sheik Othman Al-Sharif, Centro Culturale Islamico, 2019
  • Swahili Translation

    Abdullah Muhammad Abubakr & Naser Khamis AbdulRahman, Madinah: King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex, 1435 A.H.
  • Albanian Translation

    Prof. Hasan I. Nahi, The Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (Instituti Shqiptar i Mendimit dhe i Qytetërimit Islam), 2006

Holy Quran for EVERYONE

Translation into remaining languages is underway. … but there is still much we need to do!

Is it likely to see everyone on earth being able to read the translation of meanings of Quran in their own mother tongue? That is great if it happen for the first time in history, even for the major 50 languages.

2022 Target: 50 Major Languages
How close we are to that point?


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